Support & Maintenance

Heating Scotland Ltd don’t just stop at installing your new heating system. All of our engineers are fully trained and experienced in repairing, servicing and maintaining your equipment, old or new in East Lothian, Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland.

At Heating Scotland we offer a full 5 year warranty when we install a new heating system, but if you are looking to extend that cover or apply a breakdown plan to an older system we can cover that too. With our breakdown plan we guarantee all parts and labour and we wont add on any hidden extras after the job is done.

We are East Lothians leading installers of central heating and with that much experience who better to protect your central heating system.

Power flushing

Over time sludge can build up in your heating system, no matter what fuel type is being used. This
build of waste can reduce the efficiency of your system and will also reduce the lifespan of your
equipment. Special equipment can be used to ‘power flush’ your system and remove the waste.
After carrying out a powerflush we always fit a “Magnaclean” to your system to prevent this build up in the future.


A magnetic filter that help reduce the build up of iron oxide in your system.
Without this your system may loose efficiency and fuel, meaning higher running and maintenance

Heating Controls:

Although this area would be covered with a new installation, it can
also be a quick and effective way of updating your old system. There are a wide range of controls
that can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you would like to have a state of the art wireless system, addition of frost protection or replacing existing controls with tamper proof equipment, we can help.

To discuss a breakdown plan, arrange a breakdown visit or even just discuss your options further please do not hesitate to contact us on 01875 898174 or us the “Contact Us” page. You will receive a completely professional and dedicated service from us at all times.

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