Electric Central Heating Edinburgh & East Lothian

From our base in East Lothian, near Edinburgh,  we install, service and maintain electric combi boilers and electric system boilers from all the leading electric boiler manufacturers, to customers throughout Scotland.

With 20 years experience in electric boilers we have met them all. The electric boiler makes we have worked on include Redring, Gledhill, Thermaflow, OSO, Termo, Fusion, Dimplex, Amptec, Aztec, Churchill and ACV.

Whether you are looking for a simple electric boiler service, breakdown cover or an installation just contact us for a professional service.

Electric Heating Overview:

Now you can have all the benefits of full gas central heating without the need for a gas supply.

All electric boilers installed by Heating Scotland Ltd have a full 5 year warranty.

Heating Scotland have made wet electric central heating a cost effective reality. The electric boilers are powered by clean, green and silent electricity to supply wet central heating and domestic hot water.

Modern electric boilers regulate the output water temperature to provide maximum efficiency at minimum running cost.

  • All the benefits of mains gas without the need for a gas supply
  • Great alternative where no mains gas is available
  • Same radiators, same pipework as mains gas but with an electric boiler
  • Uses half the electricity of storage heaters
  • No need for an outside wall

Electricity Tariffs:

Various tarrifs are available for your electricity supply, but for homes with electric central heating we advise the options below. We arrange the changeover of your supply at no extra cost:

Economy 10:

Economy 10 is designed for homes with an electric flow boiler and gives 10 hours of off-peak electricity per day charged at half price. The tariff applies to all the electricity use in your home so that all consumption during Off Peak times is charged at Off Peak rate.

Economy 10 is provided by Scottish Hydro Electric in Scotland. We provide assistance in changing over so that the process is quick and easy.
Changing over to Economy 10 takes approximately 6 weeks from the application being received by Scottish Hydro Electric. The 10 hours of Off Peak are split into three periods as below:

4:30am to 7:30am
1:00pm to 4:00pm
8:30pm to 00:30 am

Your heating can be used at any time, but we advise using other loads during these times to reduce your electricity bill eg washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher etc If you would like any further information on this tariff click on the Contact Us page.

Economy 2000:

Economy 2000 is designed for electric combi boilers and is available from Scottish Power. It works by giving you 18 hours of off-peak electricity per day charged at low rate. Economy 2000 is only designed for storage boilers eg Thermaflow, RedRing DualHeat, Gledhill Electramate etc.

The low rate electricity only applies to the storage boiler and does not affect any other loads. It is important that this tariff is only used with storage boilers otherwise the heating will not be available during off peak times. If you would like any further information on this tariff click on the Contact Us page.

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